Friday, July 24, 2009

Unable to perform Bluetooth operation!

I had been using my old Nokia 6600 phone only for a few SMS and occasional voice calls for two years. I still keep it because of a bunch of family photos, sound recordings, and short video clips stored in the phone memory that couldn't be uploaded to my computer because the phone's Bluetooth (and its infrared) had failed to operate for more than two years. Every time I switched on the Bluetooth, it said "Unable to perform Bluetooth operation!". I had never found a way to recover its Bluetooth capability even after searching for a fix for this error across the Internet.

One day this week, I just threw away the mobile phone into my bed forcefully without any purpose except for being in haste to catch up with my works. Aha.. to my surprise, after that incident the Bluetooth radio on my old Nokia 6600 performs perfectly. Everything is just fine. When once I met another "Unable to perform Bluetooth operation!" message on that GSM phone, I intentionally gave a few bumps to the phone's back with my hand, then it worked again. Gee, what are the rationales behind this seemingly stupid solution? Did the battery, the Bluetooth radio chip, or other component somehow become loosened so it needed to be hit?

A lot of comments on Internet message boards had suggested firmware update, restoring to factory settings, replacing Bluetooth chips, visiting a Nokia Care, and other serious actions as a possible solution for this symptom that had been causing so much headache. Yet, today I found one comment in a Nokia user forum that said knocking the phone by hand as the only fix. I can't agree more with him. Probably, the commentator shares the same experience with me.

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