Saturday, March 11, 2006

Headset or audio gateway service in Windows XP SP2

Many ask about how to configure a Bluetooth headset on XP (SP2) and a few also want to make their PCs' as audio gateway.

Because the Microsoft Bluetooth stack in Windows XP (SP2) doesn't support such services, you can't install the services without the help from a third party software. My suggestion is override the Microsoft stack with the software that comes with your Bluetooth adapter. Usually, the third party software supports more services, incl. headset or audio gateway profile.

The built-in Bluetooth stack in SP2 is able to discover a Bluetooth headset but it shows no services on the Bluetooth Devices window.

I'll have to compile some screenshots to clear the matter. Hopefully within the next few days, the material is ready for presentation if my priority doesn't change.

In the meantime, please cast your experience with WIDCOMM, TOSHIBA, BlueSoleil, Bluez, or Microsoft Bluetooth stack. Which one you like most and what is your favorite Bluetooth service?

Step-by-step Guide: How to configure a Bluetooth headset in Windows XP (SP2)?