Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Year's Wishes (1) : Beautify the stack and the spec

To Microsoft:

Please extend Bluetooth capability in Windows XP (SP2) even though you are now busy selling Vista. Do not leave XP users in the dark. Add more services to it with reference to the latest Bluetooth specification.
Did you know that many users find it difficult to work with various third party drivers and software? Yeah, Bluetooth protocol is more complicated than Wi-Fi, but it should be included in the generic Windows functions since it has become an established standard.

To the Bluetooth SIG:

Bluetooth has spread like wild fire and it's present in nearly every new gadget, but the popular use of it is still limited to certain basic services due to - at least in the perception of many users - the impractical process of device authentication and authorization and the confusing and lengthy profile-matching.
That's why please shorten and simplify (or automate) the connection process to make it easy for common users to enjoy all Bluetooth services. Make passing an introperability test a requirement for a compliant Bluetooth product.

Agree or not? I've got to channel many readers' frustrations anyway. Hope you guys stop by and respond. Thank you.

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